Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend is sooo precious..

Our family schedule is quite tight currently. With 3 toddlers 2 preschoolers, a toddler and a baby (what's new?) plus, a daddy who is now a part time student, pursuing another certification for his career development, and plus, on top of those, being maidless! So, weekend is supposed to be the time for us to catch up with laundries (the biggest hurdle of all) and tidying up the house, which literally last for half a day, ok, half a day is long enough!

These past two weekends, hubs needed to attend classes, complete his assignments and study for the upcoming exams over the weekend, which was quite tricky when you have a full house of six with you. Yours truly , on the other hand, was too occupied with the little baby, who was being extra clingy to me, letak je nangis, senangis-nangisnya, macam kena pukul, angkat, terus diam.*geleng kepala*. So, we need to think of a way to distract the 3 elder kids, for them not to bother the 'studying' dad, and on the same time catching up with the house chores. Hey, how about catching up with, sleep?, Nay, out of the question!

On saturday, hubs said, nevermind, he could look after Ajwa, while I took the elder three out. That way he could have some quiet time to himself. Unfortunately it didn't turn out as being planned. Not sure what was wrong with the poor little baby, but she just refused to stop crying. She needed to be held all the time. Didn't sound like a 'quiet time', did it? 

Lucky me to have my family staying in the same neighbourhood. With the help of my two kind hearted, beautiful sisters (ni ayat bodek, nampak sangat!), I left the my boys at Whoa! Clubhouse, Space U8, with their aunties. There, the could spend time assembling robots and painting on a clay figurine. Aha! Sounds like fun, yay? My initial plan to have my hair fall treatment (it's that time of the post delivery hormonal imbalance, and it's killing me!! That'll be another post to write) while there were being occupied at Whoa!, was cancelled.We, (Sarah and me) got to get back and look after the crying baby. 

After 1.5hour, the painted angry birds by Fahim and Fitri, and their aunties. :-)

Nothing much was accomplished on Saturday. And, on Sunday hubs did all the laundries (basuh-sidai-angkat-lipat), while me was still stucked with Ajwa. Lunch pun tapau McD je. Thank you darling, and I am so sorry that u had to sacrifice your study time. I think, I'm so in need of a baby sling/ wrap/ carrier, to optimise our precious time during weekend. Doing the house chores while baby wearing your baby, cool, right?! I feel like a supermommy wannabe already! ( this is what i call the justification of purchase. hihi )

The Kangaroo Carry Style
Recommendation needed on local based online shop that carry this kind of  wrap/mei tai/sling/carrier , or whatever it is called.. I nak beli segera.

So, how was your weekend? Happy Monday kawan-kawan!


  1. 3 toddlers + a baby ..Gosh..memang hectic...Saya yang ada sorang toddler + a baby pun kadangkala pening..ahahahahah

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  2. Oohh.. should rephrase to 2 preschoolers, a toddler and a baby. Err.. what difference does that make? Sama je sebab semua pun still highly dependant to us. Insya allah, we'll get thru this.

    1. Okay.. masih tak biasa dengan format komen ini. T_T

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  4. salam kak hani,
    phewwwww ..
    tumpang baca pun semput apatah lagi tuannya...

    kat area rumah akak ada weekend helper/maid tak?
    sejak saya maidless mmg harapkan weekend maid datang clearkan rumah ...
    klu tak dapat setiap minggu selang 2 minggu pun ok ...

    1. Nak dapat weekend maid pun susah juga sekarang.

  5. betul tu.. ko ambik weekend maid jer asma
    maybe boleh ambik 5-6 jam terus to clean the house and do the laundry


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